Women said, welcome free ride but do not tolerate humiliation

महिलाओं ने कहा, मुफ्त सवारी का स्वागत लेकिन अपमान सहन नहीं

Women said, welcome free ride but do not tolerate humiliation
– Behavior of bus staff is not good towards female passengers
– Many times the operators are reluctant to give free tickets

Chennai. Several women passengers have accused the bus staff and fellow male passengers of making derogatory remarks after the initiative was launched by the state government. Women say that even though special women’s tickets are being issued, some conductors hand over free tickets only after several requests.
A woman said on condition of anonymity that earlier I used to spend at least Rs 50 per day to travel on public transport. This new initiative has helped me save on my monthly salary of only Rs.5,000. However, some people consider it a burden and insult us in buses. I have faced abusive behavior from conductors and drivers on several occasions.
Regular female passengers say that male passengers make derogatory remarks that free passengers get to sit while they have to travel standing. A college student said, “Recently when I was traveling, the conductor along with a friend in the bus asked if we were going to college or somewhere else. No one had asked such inappropriate questions before. We made a verbal complaint to the bus depot authority regarding this, but no action has been taken.
Women commuters also complain that conductors sometimes do not tell the location of the bus stop even to those who do not know and often avoid issuing free tickets. When we ask them for free tickets, they don’t respond and if we ask them more than twice, they start yelling at us.
rude behavior not appropriate
If the state government decides to implement free bus rides for women, then it is not fair for the conductor and driver to behave rudely with women passengers. It’s not their money. A woman said that the government should provide some portal for online complaints on these issues and women should come forward to raise their voices.
Why are you issuing tickets when there is a free ride?
Tamil Nadu State Commission for Women Chairperson Dr. Kanegi Paikiyanathan said that the department has not received any formal complaint on the issue after the free travel was implemented. There is no need to issue separate tickets for women and even checking is not required, he said. Why should they ask questions when the government is allowing free rides for them.
taking action on complaints
Meanwhile, senior officials of the Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) Chennai confirmed that they have been receiving complaints from women passengers. An official claimed, immediate steps are taken by questioning the concerned conductor or driver.

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