World’s Oldest Living Aquarium Fish: The world’s oldest living fish in aquarium fish

World's Oldest Living Aquarium Fish: অ্যাকোয়ারিয়াম ফিশের মধ্যে বিশ্বের সব চেয়ে বয়স্ক মাছ

Own report: The fish has been named Methuselah. In terms of breed, it is Australian. The fish was brought from Australia to the San Francisco Museum in California, USA, a long time ago. That was in 1936. It is thought to be the oldest aquarium fish in the world.

According to US media, the fish is 90 years old. It is 4 feet long. Weight more than 18 kg. The specialty of the fish– it has both lungs and fulco, which is known as ‘longfish’.

“Methuselah is the oldest fish for no reason,” said Alan Jan, a biologist at the California Academy of Sciences. He also gave an account of it.

Until 2016, the record for the oldest was, of course, another fish. At that time there was a fish named Granddad in the Chicago Shed Aquarium. But he died that year at the age of 95. After that, Methuselah took the place of the oldest fish.

That scientist in California thinks it’s a female sex fish. But its gender has never been tested. Because, taking blood from the body of the fish is risky. What does this fish eat? Eat– blueberries, grapes, other fish, shrimp, earthworms.

Methuselah is important in terms of biodiversity. Because, this species of longfish is on the verge of extinction in Australia. There are two more species of this species in that academy in California. “Our hope is that the fish will be healthy and fresh,” said biologist Alan Jan.

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