You tell, which of these pictures will win NASA’s game…A land bent by the wind or a trap of ice on water?

You tell, which of these pictures will win NASA's game...A land bent by the wind or a trap of ice on water?

The winds changed the shape of the land

Here the winds have changed the shape of the ground ponds and wetlands with time and the shape that has come out after being carved is very attractive. Seeing them, it seems as if blue veins are coming out. About 4 years ago, a paper published in Geophysical Research Letters showed that due to the effect of wind, water waves changed the banks of the ponds and they turned in the direction of the wind. Their impact was seen on 3 watersheds near the Mississippi River. For this, researchers analyzed 10,000 satellite images between 1982 and 2016. The picture which is now in the field to win was taken in the year 2016 and it shows the Atchafalaya Delta.

ice art on water

The second picture is of a net made of ice and water on the Arctic coast in Russia. It looks like a thick spider web. The islands spread from the mainland of Siberia to the north are spread over 30 thousand square kilometers. The New Siberian Islands are divided by the Sannikov Strait. It connects the Laptev Sea to the west and the East Siberian Sea to the east. It is covered with snow for most of the year. The pictures taken by Landsat 8 show frozen sea water. Due to the wind and the flow of water, the ice cracks and the water starts to appear black in color. Due to the impact in the thickness of the ice, different colors are visible, which are gray and blue somewhere.

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