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Corona is not gone
Looking at the reports of Europe and other countries as well as reports from Kerala, Delhi and other places in India, it can be said that the corona virus is not gone yet. If carelessness is kept, it will again take a dangerous form for everyone. Therefore, 100% vaccination and precautions are necessary.
-Bhagwati Prasad Gehlot, Mandsaur

Ignoring the guideline
We are not as aware of Corona as we should be. Corona guidelines are being ignored. There is no vaccine yet for children. Children are at greatest risk in the times to come. If we all don’t show vigilance, the problem can escalate.
Anil Kumar Acharya, Udaipur.

Government’s negligence
The threat of corona virus seems to be increasing again. Corona patients are increasing again due to not taking care of masks and social distancing. When a large number of people gather to watch a cricket match, the same will happen. Corona patients are increasing due to the government’s lax policy and carelessness.
-Ashutosh Sharma, Jaipur

fear of third wave
The danger of corona is increasing in the country. People are disobeying the rules. This has raised the possibility of a third wave.
Sudesh Bishnoi, Sri Ganganagar

Follow Corona guideline
The risk of corona virus has increased due to non-compliance of safety rules. That is why it is very important to follow the corona guideline for prevention of infection.
-Akanksha Roopa Chachra, Cuttack Odisha

the growing danger
Due to negligence, the risk of corona virus has started increasing again. Corona virus is deadly. Keep in mind, caution was taken, an accident like corona happened.
-Mahendra Kumar, Jaitaran, Pali

India is in danger
The possibility of a resurgence of the corona virus cannot be ruled out. Many countries of the world are battling the third wave. India is also under threat. The latest figures from Rajasthan are direct evidence. So wear mask and keep distance.
-Vidyadhar Boyle, Sikar

caution is necessary
The virus once originated, it never ends. Yes, it can definitely reduce its effect. Therefore, along with the government, it becomes the responsibility of the general public to get the vaccination done. Stay away from crowded areas. If precautions are not taken then the days of lockdown can return. Hence caution is necessary.
Ekta Sharma, Gariaband, Chhattisgarh

don’t be careless
The danger is low, but not over. Even though the danger has reduced, but do not be careless in following the rules. Along with other countries, the figures of epidemic in our country are also increasing. Many children were found positive in a school in Rajasthan. The school had to be closed. So be careful, because caution was taken that the accident happened.
-Deepa Devendra Nenawa, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Anti-coronavirus vaccine is the only solution
After the second wave of Corona, the third wave is also wreaking havoc in the world. Corona is on the rise again. India has few outbreaks, but some other countries have very high outbreaks. Therefore, everyone should get the anti-coronavirus vaccine.
Prahlad Yadav, Mhow, Madhya Pradesh

Signs of the third wave?
There is no doubt that the threat of coronavirus is increasing again. More recently, some children have been found positive in a reputed school in Jaipur, which is a sign of the third wave. Along with this, getting active cases after last 100 days in many big cities is also worrying. If this kind of negligence continues, then the situation is sure to get serious. Therefore it is necessary to follow the guideline.
Umakant Sharma, Doug, Jhalawar

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