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The question was asked in the magazine. Readers got mixed reactions, here are the selected responses.

Published: March 01, 2022 03:24:09 pm

Employees should also take care of responsibility
The old pension scheme provides social and economic security for the employees and their families. The employee lives his life comfortably after retirement and lives his life safely, which is in the interest of the employees. The government should make changes in the government service rules before implementing it. Bribery cases are increasing exponentially. How to prevent these should also be considered. Work responsibility should be fixed. Incompetent and sloppy employees should be shown the way home. Employees also have to take care of their duties.
Rajendra Prasad Sharma, Jaipur

Your point, should the center also implement the old pension scheme?

Center should also implement old pension
The old pension system was made keeping in mind the interests of the employees, but it was discontinued. Recently, the Rajasthan government has again issued the old system, due to which there is a wave of joy among the employees. Now the old system should be implemented for central employees also.
Madhura Vyas, Udaipur

The future of the employees will be secure
The old pension scheme makes the future of the employees secure. In such a situation, the central government should also fulfill the welfare responsibility of implementing the old pension scheme. Such a step will also be helpful in accelerating the development of the country.
-Shivji Lal Meena, Jaipur

so that there is no problem in old age
Pension is needed only in old age. Pension will be good, only then they will be financially strong. This will also take care of them properly. In the absence of adequate pension, the government job is only a daily wage. That is, as long as the hands and feet will walk, then only it is asking. Therefore the old pension scheme is more effective. It should be implemented in all the states along with the center.
– Monica Chopra Bhanai, Hanumangarh

old pension scheme should be restored
After joining a government job, a person works sincerely. Fulfills the assigned responsibility. The government should be made sticks of his old age. Therefore the pension scheme should be reinstated.
-Rahul Mudgal, Fatehabad, Agra

government correct the mistake
The old pension scheme should be restored by the central government. The Central Government and the State Governments had taken anti-employee steps by closing the old pension scheme. On the other hand, the pension funds were distributed to the MPs and MLAs. Governments should correct their mistake.
-Bipin Chandra Joshi, Bangalore

Old pension to all employees
All government employees should get the benefit of old pension scheme. The employee devotes his whole life in government service. He is unable to find other sources of income. The amount received at the time of retirement ends up in building a house, marrying off children, etc. In this situation the life after retirement becomes more painful. Therefore, the central government should restore the old pension scheme.
-Vishambhar Thanvi, Phalodi

will not worry about the future
The central government should also start the old pension scheme, so that the employees do not have to worry about their future after retirement. This scheme should be started in the interest of the employees for a secure future and relief from current salary cuts.
– Kuldeep Chhimpa, Lunkaransar, Bikaner

Attraction towards government jobs will increase
The new pension scheme is playing with the future of the employees. For this the employee also has to contribute and its return depends on the stock market. Meaning if the market conditions are bad then heavy losses can happen. After the implementation of old pension, the attractiveness of talents towards government jobs will increase.
Nateshwar Kamlesh, Chandameta, Madhya Pradesh

Then why pension for MPs and MLAs?
The center should also implement the old pension scheme. When the Government of Rajasthan has implemented the old pension, then all the states and the center should also implement it. The old pension scheme was discontinued because the governments were unable to bear its burden. The question is why pension was introduced for MPs and MLAs.
– Ranjit Singh Bhati, Mandsaur, MP


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