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The question was asked in the magazine. Readers have mixed reactions, here are select responses.

Published: February 16, 2022 06:21:27 pm

money only gets respect
The bribe takers are happy, the bribe givers are also happy, then how did bribery stop in government offices? Those who do not give bribe remain in loss. Slippers get worn out, making rounds of government offices. Still it doesn’t work. People get their work done immediately by giving bribe. Today people with money get respect everywhere, so there is a competition to get money. People are not feeling ashamed in receiving money dishonestly. If honesty is respected everywhere, then bribery will stop. How will bribery stop when people start respecting only the bribe-takers?
– Ranjit Singh Rajkhedi, Mandsaur, MP

Your point: Why is bribery not stopping in government offices?

File does not grow without bribe
In fact, the government employees have got into the habit of freebies. They just don’t want to do their job. They know whether to work or not, they are sure to get their full salary every month. That’s why they slow down people’s work. When the shoes of the needy wear out while circling the government offices, they are forced to pay bribes to get their work done. The difficulty is that even with whom to complain, because inside the government department, all the small and big officials from bottom to top do not even forward the files without taking bribe. According to the work, the amount of their bribe is also fixed in advance.
-Vibha Gupta, Bangalore

bribery habit
Employees working in government offices have got into the habit of taking bribes. When people go to government offices, their work is suspended and they have to go astray. To get the work done, the hands of the officer or employee have to be warmed.
Sarika Singh, Raipur, Chhattisgarh

work on time
Government servants should be responsible for completing the work on time and there should be an account of the number of times the person has come to the office. There should be a provision of fine on the employee for not completing the work on time.
Sudesh Sharma, Bharatpur

bribe giver also guilty
The bribe giver is equally guilty. Many people have taken it as a convenience fee. Bribe is also being given so that there is no unnecessary delay in doing the right thing. In many government projects, a certain percentage of each employee is tied from top to bottom. The condition is that the bribers get reinstated only by giving bribe.
Madhav Singh, Shrimadhopur, Sikar

political interference responsible
The rules are not followed strictly. Bribers are proved innocent even after being caught by political interference, which increases the courage of the bribers.
-Shri Krishna Pachauri, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh
………….. everyone’s share decided
There is a whole network of corruption in the administrative system. From bottom to top, the officers-employees are indulging in bribery. Everyone’s share is decided in bribery.
-Lata Agarwal, Chittorgarh

don’t get benefit
At present, to take advantage of government schemes, bribes have to be paid. Failure to do so results in delay in getting the benefit to the beneficiary or remains deprived of the benefit. Even the top officials of the office are involved in this. The government should pay more attention to this and take concrete steps.
Amit Gurjar, Bhopal

strict punishment required
Incidents of bribery have become common in government offices. Even the bureaucrats are no exception to this. The reason for this may be that the officials sitting on the highest seat demand bribe from the lower seats. In such incidents till the time the guilty is not punished severely, bribery will not stop.
-Prakash Chandra Verma, Bikaner

movement needed
Time limit and responsibility should be fixed for the work of all government officials and employees. CCTV must be installed in all government offices. Unless there is awareness among the general public, bribery will not stop. There is a need to make a movement against bribery by making the general public aware.
Ghardhita Audichya, Udaipur


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