ZEEL-Invesco Case: Concerned over company’s future, not position, fight to save Zee: Punit Goenka

ZEEL-Invesco Case: পদ নয় কোম্পানির ভবিষ্যৎ নিয়েই চিন্তিত, Zee-কে বাঁচাতে লড়াই চলবে: Punit Goenka

Own report: One incident after another is happening in the ZEEL-Invesco case. For the first time, the issue of Reliance’s agreement with G Entertainment has come to light. Reliance has confirmed that it wanted to sign Puneet Goenka as MD and CEO. This time the statement was issued by Puneet Goenka, MD and CEO of G Entertainment.

In the words of Puneet Goenka, why did not say their plan before? Does corporate governance only apply to companies, not investors? I am not worried about my position at all but about the future of the organization. Therefore, the goal of the fight is to strengthen the company. I am trying not to make the future of the company dark. So that the shareholders do not face losses. It is important to bring the conversation with Invesco to the fore. Invesco’s proposed deal was not in the best interests of investors. He did not agree to the proposal considering the losses of the investors. The values ​​of the company, will not compromise with the interests of investors. There are many more things that I will reveal when the time comes. No one’s sole interest should have any effect on the company.

He added: “The conflict with Invesco is sad and frustrating. Most of the time Invesco has collaborated. From the beginning my position was clear. That is why I want to say that this is my first and last statement about Invesco. Big investors are showing interest, it means the result of our hard work. I want to make the future of the company better. I also want investors to be able to make a profit. Companies and employees will move forward. We want transparency, efficiency and a positive position with growth. But I am disappointed with the current situation.

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