Zelensky At Grammys: Why did Zelensky suddenly leave the silence of dead people and destroyed city on the stage of musical Grammy?

Zelensky At Grammys: মৃত মানুষ ও ধ্বংসপ্রাপ্ত শহরের নৈঃশব্দ্য ছেড়ে জেলেনস্কি হঠাৎ সঙ্গীতমুখর গ্র্যামির মঞ্চে কেন?

Own report: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky suddenly appears on the Grammy stage. Not directly on stage; One of his video messages was heard there.

In that pre-recorded speech, Volodymyr Zelensky asks a surprising question, what is the most contradictory thing about music? He answers himself – the silence of the dead man and the ruined city. He then spoke of the state of his country. He said that his country’s musicians are now fighting with armor on their chests instead of attending the event after party wear. We will defend our freedom for survival, for love and for the sound of music.

Zelensky told the assembled musicians in a very touching tone that his country was at war with Russia, which was filled with the horrific silence of the bombing. Fill that silence with your music, fill that silence today to tell us the story of this fight in the future.

On this world stage of music awards, Zelensky points the finger directly at Moscow for the state of his country. However, he also said that peace will come.

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